Saturday, 9 August 2014

Welcome to the Board Game Pantheon

Welcome to Board Game Pantheon blog. As the title suggests, this is going to be a blog about Board Games. Why Board Game Pantheon? Well mainly because there's more than one of us going to be posting. Intially there's three of us, all members of a small board game club in the north of England (Lancaster & Morecambe Boardgamers) though there may be more contributors later. We all share a love of board gaming, but will hopefully each add a different element to the blog.

I'm sure the other contributors will introduce themselves soon. I'm Steve, and I'll be writing articles about the hobby as well as the usual board gaming reviews. I like a really wide variety of games, ranging from quick fillers to longer more complex games. There's no particular type of game I like best, what I play depends on who I'm playing with, how much time we've got etc. As well as playing at my club and with friends, I play a lot of two player games with my wife, and also children's games with my 5 year old daughter, so I'll be talking about these too.

I'm also particularly keen on explaining and introducing the board gaming hobby to new people. I think that so many people would benefit from and enjoy playing decent board games, they just don't know they are out there and continue playing the likes of Monopoly. So I've got some posts lined up explaining what the board gaming hobby is all about, what are good games to start with, gateway games, filler games etc.

Anyway that's it for now, more soon.

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